November 27th

Hello everyone and welcome to another weekly round up!

This one is a little bit late because it was a holiday and things gets CRAZY!

That being said, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. This past week has been full of fails and certainly a lot of struggling, so let me fill you in now….

First, last week was a short work week, we only had school Monday and Tuesday and it was absolutely wonderful having 5 whole days off in a row. This also meant that my son went to daycare on those two days. Our first struggle of the week comes in here. As I have mentioned before, we use a home daycare and couldn’t be happier with our provider. She has raised dozens of children and certainly knows what she is doing. Except sometimes she gets a little “stuck in her ways” if you know what I mean. She had asked me if we had started using a sippy cup and giving Aullie some water. I said no and that our doctor had told us not too. Even though I thought it was strange since they usually say that once he starts to eat foods he can start having sips of water. Well she lost her mind. I don’t think she meant to, but she freaked out at me. “Babies should know how to use a cup by 6 months old” was my favorite line of her rant, along with her irrational concern about him becoming dehydrated from not having water or obese from having formula. I packed the baby up and bolted home in a rage. I think I overreacted to her overreaction. I had planned on buying the baby one of those cool 360 cups by Munchkin that week and trying it out with him anyways, but for some reason I was so furious at her comments to me about not giving him water. She was overreacting to me, but her point was that for all of her daycare kids over the years, this was the time to start introducing a cup and water. She wasn’t wrong here and I knew she was right because I had already planned to start doing that. I think it was just the way she delivered the information that sent me into madness. I was furious. I went home and vented to my husband and his sister who was visiting us. The next day I was able to calm down and think about things and realize that we just didn’t communicate very well that day but in reality we are both on the same page. I have since talked to my doctors office again about starting some water and the other provider at my practice said absolutely. So we have been giving him sips of water in his 360 cup which he is starting to get the hang of now.

Have you ever had this? Ever been given advice or suggestions that you know are right but have just been delivered in such a bad way that it makes you furious. How dare she suggest this?!…What does she think I am, some kind of crazy helicopter mom?!…Am I a crazy helicopter mom?!…He gets PLENTY of hydration! He goes through like 6 bibs a day with drool!…I know it’s coming from a place of caring and I also know she by no means thinks I am a bad mom. She simply knows I am a first time mom and is making suggestions based on things she knows makes life easier down the road. Transitioning off the bottle at a year old is a challenge and by starting to introduce water and cups now, that transition will be much easier in a few months when we need it.

Our next struggle of the week comes on Wednesday. Ever bit off way more than you can chew? That was me on Wednesday. My little brother was home from Ohio where he is attending college and wanted to spend some time with me and his nephew. So we had planned to go to lunch with him. Well I also needed to go to Walmart, bring my sister in law up to New Hampshire, and make a cheesecake that day. So we left for Walmart after Aullie’s first nap. Took way longer than expected because, well, you have to look at all the Christmas decorations, baby clothes, rugs, toothpaste, etc while your there. haha. Then up to NH we went to drop off my sister in law. By the time we made it to pick up my brother it was 2:30 p.m. and of course we had to go to his favorite burger place another 45 minutes away from there. Thank all of the gods that I have the worlds happiest baby because he was just SO good through all of this time in the car. By the time we made it back from lunch, it was 5 p.m. I stayed at my parents house to feed the baby dinner and then ventured home. Then I had to get Aullie ready for bed and eat dinner with the hubby and oh what the F*@#…..I forgot about the stupid cheesecake! So here it is…6:30 p.m. and I have to make a run to CVS to get vicks and eggs so that I can make cheesecake and oh, did I mention all 3 of us are SICK!??!! ughhhhh. What a crazy day. I managed to get everything done, but I was a crazy person all day and didn’t get to bed until 11 p.m. which is about 2.5 hours past my bedtime all because my stepmom told me I couldn’t eat unless I made the cheesecake! To top it all off….I forgot that our hand mixer broke last December (which was the last time I had made this cheesecake) so I had to mix it all together by hand. Most exhausting day EVER! *Sigh*

It was a nice Holiday though….got to see my brother a couple of times, had 2 Thanksgiving dinners that I didn’t have to host, saw a lot of family, and got a lot done. We also re-roofed our carport on Sunday which was quite the project but much needed.

As much as these 5 days off sent me on a trip with the struggle bus, it did force me to see just how much we have to be grateful for. Grateful for family and framily alike, grateful for health, grateful for all of the people in our lives who are always willing to help us however they can, and grateful for the things we are able to provide for our son. From the home we own to the little fun toys he plays with. From my stepmom helping clean my dishes, to my dad practically breaking himself to help us re-roof the carport. From my mom and daycare to watch our son, to the friends who drive an hour to visit us and play silly card games. We have a lot of good in our lives and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to remind us of all of that. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the negative things…like being yelled at by our daycare about not having given him water….and miss the everyday things we might take advantage of…like having a provider who genuinely cares or having the carport to keep us dry as we pile into the car each morning.

Happy Thanksgiving, count your blessings, remember that there is good in the world, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

I hope you enjoyed this weekly roundup of struggles.

With love,

The Struggling Mom

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