December 18th

Hey there and welcome to the latest edition of The Struggling Mom!

I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks because, well, I’ve been struggling to do it! haha. The last couple of weeks have been challenging ones, that’s for sure.

To start us off I’d like to talk about my returning struggles with Dysthymia and S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Dissorder). This year is a particularly bad year for my depression. I only just recently got my hormones under control post-baby and it has been very dark lately. Normally when I get like this, taking extra me time is a huge help and I will spend a few extra minutes in the morning on things like my hair or make up. Or I might treat myself to a hair cut or getting my nails done. Buttttt this year I can’t really do anything like that because 1. I have a baby who I spend all of my free time with (and love it of course). and 2. I am REALLY broke this year. Babies are freaking expensive and it’s the holidays so I have overspent already and can’t really afford to take myself out as a treat.

Having depression while you’re a mom is excruciating. That’s not to say that it was easier before I became a mom, but before I was a mom I had learned a lot of coping skills and mechanisms that worked for me. I need to learn some skills or mechanisms that I can incorporate into my new mom life. I am hoping that this blog will be one way for me to help myself through these tough times. Got any ideas for me? Please send me a message or leave a comment, I’d LOVE to hear from you! I used to go to the gym, go out to play disc golf, take a bath, get my hair or nails done, or even just veg out for a few hours watching crappy TV. The baby keeps me really busy and between running errands to get the stuff he needs, cleaning the house, and keeping him entertained, I have almost zero mental energy left for myself. It has really been a tough couple of weeks here.


Next, I have been struggling to stick to my budget. Which is Dangerous! I have been thinking about trying to get a part time job one or two nights a week to earn some extra cash, but with everyone bulking up their seasonal help, no one is hiring right now and they definitely wont be until at least mid to late January. If this blog takes off I could make some money here, but that is easier said than done. For now, I just need to get back to my budget. Got any tips for sticking to a tight budget? I’m a shopper, it’s so hard for me to not go to Target every week! haha. 🙂 Some re-evaluating of my priorities might be in order.

The struggle of baby food is next. We tried making Aullie some baby foods to help us save a few bucks. Step one. Cook green beans (one of his favorites of the beach nut variety we’ve tried). Step two. Put green beans into the Ninja. Step three. Blend until mushy. Step four. Feed them to Aullie. Step five. Clean them up off your face because he has spit them out with such force they got all over you. This is not an exaggeration people! He HATED them! How?! He gobbles up green beans with such enthusiasm I swear he almost stops breathing….homemade? projectile spitting happens! *UGH* He has started eating those nice melty puff treats so I think we might just start trying little bits of really soft foods next and maybe we’ll skip right over the baby food process but man. I think we should’ve started with homemade foods instead of the jars of stuff but those little jars come in so many good varieties and combos, stuff I NEVER would have thought to put together! The struggle is so real here. I’m struggling with the idea that I want my child to eat what I cook, but I also want him to get a good variety and not be forced to eat things he doesn’t like. How do you all find balance between what’s “right” and what gives your child autonomy?

Finally, my last struggle to mention today is about the holidays. Who doesn’t love them?! The lights, the music, the ugly sweaters, the gift buying, the hours of baking, the stress, the family you only see during this event and then not again for the rest of the year, the mental breakdowns trying wrap everything so that it doesn’t look like a 2 year old did it?! They’re GREAT! Did I mention that both my husband and I come from divorced families? Yes people, that means that at every holiday we have FOUR families to try and see at once. We have my mom on Christmas Eve, my dad Christmas day, and his mom and dad the Saturday after Christmas. Luckily, our families understand that divorce is hard and we have to adjust and they have worked on spacing it out for us. However, while everyone else gets their family stresses done and over with in one shot, we have to do it four times. It’s EXHAUSTING! One family doesn’t want to budge so it’s going to throw off my baby’s sleep routine which will ruin his day the next day for the other family. The other family wants us to host (luckily I got out of that one!) which would have been a nightmare. The other family wants to squeeze in a few hours before we see the last family which will probably make us late to the last one. Oh and did I mention that all of them are at least 30 minutes or more away from us so we have to tote around a baby and all his gear and listen to him probably be super fussy the whole time?! This should be super fun right?!

Okay, so because it’s the holidays I want to end this post on a happy note by mentioning that Aulliver absolutely LOVES looking at Christmas decorations and lights. If we go through that section at a store he gets super excited and screams and yells and laughs and kicks his feet like crazy. The kid is just so freaking happy all the time and to see him get that excited over a snowman or some twinkle lights really helps remind me to enjoy the little things. So while it’s easy for me to rant about all the stresses of this time of year, and believe me, the struggles are there, he has really been a huge help in remind me that there is also a lot to be thankful for and a lot of giving this time of year too.

Well my struggle is still real and so are my stories. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday no matter what you celebrate! Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Everything In Between!

Be nice to each other because this time of year is both stressful and wonderful! Remember that you can’t know everything another person is going through or has gone through and some people might be Scrouge McDuck’s and some might be Buddy the Elf but there’s usually a reason for it.

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